Valentines Day

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Okay so first things first, I love love! So of course I love valentines day! It doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship to celebrate V-day. It can be simply a day to celebrate with your besties, your sisters, co-workers, your children – whoever. We should always express our love to the ones we love, but I think its fun to have a designated day to celebrate love!

V-day unfortunately lands on a Wednesday this year. I of course have work early in the morning & well Aaron has tons of projects to work on + school the next day. We decided to have a PG, lazy, fun night without any alcohol so we have ZERO regrets the next morning lol. Which it works out since I know quite a few people who are parents out there & this is something you can do with your kids and well again, just anyone. We’ve made these “Cupid Floats” a few times & I think for this occasion since we are staying in, we are gonna have these Cupid Floats with some pizza & a movie (maybe other junk food too). The fun part is that we get to be comfy without having to stress out about finding the perfect outfit and all that jazzzzz. I found this recipe a while ago on Pinterest, but don’t know the exact link to it. Its so simple to make, I PROMISE!

What you’ll need:

  • Vanilla ice cream (I used Dreyer’s classic vanilla)
  • Cherry 7- Up
  • Red vines (optional)
  •  V cute Love straw (Optional, I got mine from Michaels)
  • Jar or mug of your choice (I decided on a HUGE mason jar)


  • Add your ice cream into your cup and/or mug
  • add your Cherry 7-Up
  • Cut up the ends of the Red Vines so you can use it as a straw

Hope y’all  have a great Valentines day with whoever you decide to spend it with!


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