My Cold Remedies

Lately, it has been cold in LA. Even when its not cold, around this time of year people are sick & spread those nasty little germs everywhere! No one likes being sick, and washing hands & sanitizing everything isn’t the only way to avoid germs. I am doing EVERYTHING in my power to avoid getting a cold. Here are some of the things I’ve been doing to prevent getting sick:

prevent cold 001

Hydrate –  When I am home, I love having infused water. It gives that plain ol’ water some flavor, which is nice. If I am on the go, I love carrying my S’well bottle with plain water that way I don’t have to worry about not having any water around. Hydrating in general is good for you, so even if you are sick or you are trying to prevent getting sick you should drink some H2O.

prevent cold 005

Vitamin C – I usually go with these Emergen-C packets. I personally enjoy mixing up the flavors if I am drinking them daily. These guys aren’t super gross, which I love! I also go to my local juice bar for Vitamin C shots.

prevent cold 004

Boost Up Your Immune System – To be honest this stuff is gross tasting & smelly, but it sure does work! This Herbal Resistance Liquid is something I always have at home & regardless of the taste and price I will absolutely always have this around in my home.  You obviously don’t have to use this specific product. There are so many things out there such as: Colloidal Silver, Airborne, Vitamin D, other Vitamins and many more products that can help boost your immune system.

prevent cold 002prevent cold 003prevent cold 006

TEA – Lastly, this amazing tea! You can absolutely make it from scratch or use this tea  sachet that is already made for you from Trader Joe’s! I make it from scratch whenever I have extra time and the ingredients on hand. For the tea, I usually add about 1-2 tablespoons of honey, squeeze out the juice of 1/2  lemon (or the whole thing depending on the size), use the tea sachet or about a table spoon of grated ginger, add some hot water and top it off with a few shakes of cayenne pepper. This tea is usually the thing I make when I start feeling a sore throat. If I act quickly enough, I sometimes get lucky & prevent it!

Hope some of these are NEW remedies for you! I also hope these workout for you like they do for me.

*DISCLAIMER- This is NOT sponsered by Trader Joe’s. Just had to throw that in there because I clearly only have ingredients from there.

*Underlined text are direct links to products.

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