Weekend Getaway to Joshua Tree (Pt. 1)

Cactus Mountain 003Cactus Mountain 002Cactus Mountain 004Cactus Mountain 005Cactus Mountain 006Cactus Mountain 009Cactus Mountain 001Cactus Mountain 008

Ahhh! Where to begin!? This weekend, Aaron (my boyfriend) and I took a little mini vacation to Joshua Tree. It has been so fun! There is so much to share so I decided to split this into two separate blog posts. This part is going to be about my first night & the next morning; next post will be more of the things I did.

We stayed at our first Airbnb and it was oh, so magical! The little home we stayed at was super cute and it was secluded, which was a v cool experience! All the pictures above where taken on the property of the place we stayed at! (There are much more photos I would like to share, if you would like to see them make sure you are following me on IG: @jusst_janet, I will definitely be sharing other photos on there that aren’t going to be in this blog post or the next post. Also my  IG story from this trip will be on my highlights!) We got to our Airbnb around 8 pm, we were aiming to arrive around 5ish, but unfortunately we got stuck in bad traffic! When we got there it was super cold & windy, but we were so excited that we didn’t mind it too much. We hung out for about one hour in our Airbnb and we decided that for dinner it would be fun to cook a meal and just relax and enjoy our time together. We ended up going to the grocery store, cooked dinner & just relaxed for the rest of the night. Our host provided us with some tea & I decided to have some before bed.

We wanted to wake up early to catch the sunrise and I am so glad we did because it was absolutely beautiful! I wish I got more pictures of the sunrise, but it was just nice to take it in during the moment. After we watched the sunrise, we headed back inside and relaxed before we actually got started with our day.

I made some coffee (also provided by our wonderful host) and made some yummy toast for breakfast, which I personally enjoy making because 1. It is so easy to make 2. I can always switch it up from Peanut butter to Almond butter 3. It is healthy 4. I feel like avocado toast is so common, so why not switch it up to something as delicious. To keep this special breakfast going, I had breakfast outside with a beautiful view of the desert.

I then headed back indoors to get ready to start my day (I will link outfit details below). After getting ready I wanted to take some photos, so we were exploring a bit on the property because once again our host provided us with so much more than just a place to sleep! Kudos to them for being so awesome and having fun stuff outside. We didn’t have a plan on what we were going to do for the rest of the day, but we knew we wanted to make it more of a fun adventure. Stay posted for the next post!




First Top

Second top (similar)


Similar booties

Earrings (Not pictured)

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