Weekend Getaway to Joshua Tree (Pt. 2)

I am so excited to share the second part of my Joshua Tree Getaway! I left off talking about our little photo session. Afterwards, we decided to leave and were gonna head out to the local coffee shop in Joshua Tree. On our way there, we saw a little book store and decide to stop by to check it out. It was very small and had tons of books! After that we ended up going to the coffee shop & I bought some coffee to bring home with me. They had this coffee in my Airbnb, it was so delicious I had to bring a bag home! It is honestly nice to support a small coffee company, especially when they have great coffee.


After coffee, we decided to grab a bite to eat at the pizzeria right next door to the coffee shop. We then walked over to this little area with a bunch of shops. I don’t really know if the area where all the shops are has a name, but they are all next to Beauty Bubble. The first reason we stopped by, is because I read about this Beauty Salon in Allure Magazine that it is also a museum. It was honestly so fun looking at all the stuff they had and I took some fun photos there!





There are so many photos, I wish I could just share them all! After looking all around the salon/museum, we walked to the other shops they had next door. We went to a little shop that had a bunch of vintage goodies and a bunch of succulents and cacti. I, of course, had to buy something there. We got this little family of three and I am so glad I did.


I thought this little family would go great where I keep my candles and a mirror with some Polaroid’s in my living room. And of course, it does look great in that area I pictured it in haha.

We then headed to the Noah Purifoy Foundation.  This is definitely worth a visit. If you ever happen to be in the area go, go, goooo! It is so fun to look at sculptures of a bunch of junk made into something super cool and fun. Another great location for photos! We spent a couple hours here and did not even get to see the whole thing. It was so windy, so we kind of didn’t spend as much time as we wanted here. Either way we saw some great stuff! (If you look at my IG there is a picture of a sculpture of the SF Bay Bridge)




For a while now, way before we planned this trip, I’ve been wanting to go to Pioneer Town. We drove there and started off on Mane St. where they have little shops. It was very cold and windy that I didn’t really take a lot of photos there. I also just wanted to enjoy the moment.  We went to shops and checked out the things they had. I ended up buying this candle that smells sooo nice. It has a very good, relaxing scent. I also bought a bar soap, I am not one to buy something like that, but it smells amazing and it is also hand made!

After Pioneer Town, we stopped by a little café called Frontier Café to grab some more coffee, of course, and I grabbed a yummy grilled cheese. That is pretty much our whole trip! Of course, there is so much more to share, but I don’t want to make this any longer than it already is haha. Hope to travel some more soon!

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