Redecorating my Home

I love home decor! It’s so hard for me not to go inside a store when they have home stuff. I always go in and browse because it gets me excited and allows me to get ideas for what I really want. I have wanted to redecorate my apartment for a good while now, and I finally started buying stuff! I didn’t know what kind of style and colors I wanted, but I recently decided to just go for it! For that same reason, it was tough to start buying home decor because it is NOT cheap. It all adds up pretty quickly, but so far I am happy with what I got. It makes me excited to start decorating and switching things up! I have so much work to do, but it takes time, patience, and a whole lot of planning. Most of the purchases I made are from Target because honestly, they have a lot of cute stuff! The rest of the home items are from Urban Outfitters because they also have beautiful things! (Disclaimer: Target and Urban Outfitters do not sponsor this post.) I will have links to everything down below.


I started my redecorating process in my bedroom. When looking for my bed spread, I wanted a light color that could work well with other more saturated colors. The light colored comforter helps brighten up the room during the day and feels much more inviting than a dark color would. I especially liked the texture of this comforter. I also decided to add different color throw pillows to make the bed a little more colorful and fun!


Finding a lamp was hard! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy a floor lamp or a small desk lamp. I finally made up my mind and bought this one from Target.  I love how it has glass around the bulb instead of a regular lamp shade. I decided to add the vintage lightbulbs just because it makes it look a lot nicer and the lighting is still pretty good!




Since I added color to my bedroom, I wanted to go with more neutral colors in my bathroom. I thought black, gray, or light blue would work well. After going back and forth between a couple different styles, I landed on these bath rugs that I think are pretty nice. I’m a fan of how the triangle splits up the colors and creates a cool texture.


HOME. jpg

This is probably my favorite item. It is so cute and adds a lot to my living room! I love lounging in my living room; and for those cold mornings and evenings, I usually grab a little throw blanket. I always wanted a basket to have a bunch of throw blankets in so whenever my guests or I are in need of a blanket, its easy access. This woven ottoman is perfect because it is HUGE! It is so stable and made out of good quality material, which is a big plus! When it’s not in use, I usually have my little cacti family sitting on top of it.


Lastly, I wanted to add some color to my kitchen. Everything is white and stainless steel, so this rug is perfect! It is a lot smaller than what I originally planned, but it works and I am happy with it! I always wanted a “vintage/ distressed” rug. I found this one, so I went for it!

I hope you enjoyed this home post! It’s something I am so excited to continue to do and build my home. I can’t wait until I add more stuff!



Throw Pillow 1

Throw Pillow 2


Bath rug


Similar Rug


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