Thrift Shopping


It’s no secret that I love thrift shopping! Earlier this week, I went to a few thrift stores not looking for anything in particular, and found some goodies that I thought would be fun to share. When thrift shopping, my goal is to find things I can enjoy having in my closet. So besides looking at the price to see whether or not it is worth it, I look at the wear of it and see if its something that can last me a good while! I always keep in mind that it has been previously owned, but when I score something new its definitely a plus!


First thing I found were these black skinny jeans. You really can’t go wrong with black jeans! I wear black jeans a lot and saw how good of a condition these were in, so I thought they were worth a try & I ultimately fell in love with how good they felt! I love stretchy pants that are comfortable to wear throughout the day! I know they look like regular black jeans, but I ALWAYS wear black jeans so I can never have enough! I got these for $26 and they are from the brand Current Elliot. There were like five different black jeans online and I couldn’t find the exact same ones since they all look so similar, but the price range was anywhere from $110-$198.


Next, I found these lovely dusty pink trousers that are so fun and perfect for the Springtime! They are made out of a thin material which is lovely for those upcoming warmer days. I love something with color that can make a statement! These are from Zara. I was looking at their website trying to find similar ones, and their price range is anywhere from $45-$50. I got these for $18.


I am seriously IN LOVE with these! I also got these for $18, and I am so happy I did. I was looking at some similar ones (on Topshop) for $45. The brand is WHO WHAT WEAR & they carry similar ones at Target for $35. What I love about this pair is that the little belt is removable and you can customize it to your liking. Also, the material is so soft, and it is very comfy to wear. I am beyond excited that they are all mine! I think its a fun pair of pants that I can style with colors or plain black, and they will look great either way.


Lastly, I got these fun metallic-y shoes! They are perfect for a night out. I got these shoes for $18, brand new with tags and everything! They are from Urban Outfitters, and the price tag retailed at $29. I love these shoes because you can slip right into them without overthinking about your outfit. I think they can go great with colors of all sort or just good old black!

It seems like each item was under $30. Which, I know most people are thinking for second-hand use? Well, the thing is, I do look for quality items making sure buttons are there, zipper works, and there are ZERO stains or tears. I really inspect the items I’m purchasing if it is going to be more then $5. I love shopping at thrift shops where they care for quality items such as Crossroads Trading Co or Buffalo Exchange. Thrift shopping is always an excellent way to shop if you want to add new items to your closet at a much lower price!

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