Sunday Morning

Ahh, there is NOTHING that compares to a good ol’ Sunday morning; one where I get to sleep in (if my body allows it) and enjoy my day both with my boyfriend, Aaron, and my cat, Mason! Of course, every day and every Sunday is different, but on a perfect Sunday, I get to do all the things I love and much more! I wanted to share with you all the things I enjoy doing on most mornings.


One of the first things I enjoy doing in the morning is stepping out for some fresh air! It feels so good to be outdoors and get ready to start my day. Usually, since I am already outside, I’ll water my plants. I don’t water my plants every single day, especially since most of my plants are succulents and cacti, but just whenever they are looking thirsty. Stepping out on a Sunday morning is so refreshing to me. It is usually much quieter in my neighboorhood, so it’s nice to be outside when it is not as noisy as usual.


Okay, so I am going to be completely honest… I don’t workout everyday, even though I wish I really would! I honestly enjoy going on a quick little jog or walk around my neighborhood. I mean going to the gym is also ideal, but sometimes you are just NOT feeling it, and that’s okay. I enjoy the feeling of doing something as productive as going outside for a quick workout to get your blood flow going! I wish I was motivated enough to workout everyday, but unfortunately that is not me right now and I hope to change that soon! The feeling is so rewarding and I am sure the results would be too.


I take showers both in the morning and at night. I think its so important to make time for yourself and enjoy quiet time and relax even if it is for a quick 10 minutes. Sometimes I will go for a bath and really make the most of my mornings. Other times its just a quick shower. It’s simply whatever I am in the mood for. I enjoy drinking some tea or coffee, sitting down to read a book and put on a face mask. I love being comfortable and enjoying my morning! Even if I have things to do or if I have to go to work, I’d rather wait until the very last minute to get ready and change. Reading is also so important to me. It’s much better than sitting and scrolling through my phone. Instead, I pick up a book or even an E-book. Sometimes I don’t read, I’ll instead put some good, peaceful tunes and sip my coffee or tea. Again, just whatever I am feeling as long as I take time for myself.


So this is such a random thing, but I really like going to the market early in the morning! Everyone is either sleeping, going to school, church or whatever. It is so nice being able to go to the store without the big crowds and feeling like I am in the way. Plus, I get to avoid long lines for checkout! I usually get groceries for the day rather than for the week. I’ve found that it saves me money and I think its a better way to shop, even though it can be annoying to go every day. I obviously get the essentials, but whenever I would go for the week, I would find myself tossing a lot of food that would end up going bad. Sometimes I wouldn’t eat it because Aaron and I decided to go out for dinner instead.¬†Generally, if it isn’t getting too late, I will make some brunch for us to enjoy at home. I enjoy whipping up some pancakes, waffles, breakfast burritos any of those good breakfast items.

This is what an ideal Sunday morning looks like for me. Hopefully, this inspires any one of you to have a good, productive Sunday and you get to do some of the things you enjoy doing for yourself. Remember taking time for yourself is v important!

X Janet


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