Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Collection Review


Ohh what a good day! Kylie Jenner opened up a pop-up shop in LA, and I randomly decided to make it in. I am beyond happy that I did! I know some items sold out from her birthday collection online and she recently re-stocked them, and again some of the same items sold out again! The good thing is that they had everything in stock that they were sold out of in store. The pop-up shop was v organized which is great because it’s not what I expected. I imagined it being so crazy inside the store. They had a line outside, and security was letting a hand full of people in at once. The wait wasn’t too bad either for a Saturday afternoon.


They had a really nice setup inside. Right when you walk in, you see almost everything from her birthday collection. They had sections from different collections she’s done with her sisters and with all the lip kits.


I decided to splurge on a few things. It was nice to see everything in person and feel and test everything out! I’ve heard both good and bad things about some items but not really anything about Kylie’s birthday collection since its v limited edition and new. I decided to purchase the Birthday Eye Palette, Matte Lip Kit in Tipsy, Glitter Eyes in Eat Cake, and Matte Lipstick in Birthday Behavior. These items are the ones that stood out to me, except for the glitter eyes – all colors that they had available were ahh so exciting to swatch but I needed to contain myself and not overspend, so I picked out the one I know I would most likely use the most!


2018-08-11 19:47:05.718

So this Birthday eyeshadow palette is beyond GORGEOUS! The packaging is super cute even the inside of the box was so cute haha It was filled with red cups all over. Wish ya’ll can really see it all. I swatched a lot of the colors that were sparkly and the bright pink one. I wasn’t sure if the pigmentation was going to show and I was v impressed! I honestly feel like this picture doesn’t do it justice. The palette is pricy, but I know it is one I will definitely use a lot. This Palette has 21 colors, and it retails at $65. I am glad I did purchase this palette because I think it is so fun and it’s nice to switch gears from wearing the good ole neutral colors. The plus on this is that the palette comes with a big mirror. Almost the size of the palette itself, so it’s nice to have especially when traveling!


Kylie came out with three different lip kits for her birthday collection, and I purchased Tipsy. The color is a beautiful shade of pink “vibrant raspberry.” I like that this color is great for these summer days, but I know it will be a good one for the fall time which is coming up pretty soon. The kit comes with a liquid lipstick and lip liner, and it retails for $30. I think it is v expensive for what it is, but I sure do love the color and I am so, so excited to wear it!


OMG! THIS IS SO FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL. Again – Kylie came out with three shades of these glitter eye liquid eyeshadow things, and they were all so different and beautiful but I know I will use this one a lot more. Its a nice pink color with some gold in it, so kind of like a rose gold color I would say. The texture is very smooth, and it dried nicely when I swatched it. I think the price is very reasonable. It retails for $20, and it is already sold out online but if you live in the LA area, make it into Kylie’s pop-up shop and get it before they sell out! They do have the other two shades in stock, so if you don’t live in the LA area get your hands on those babies!


2018-08-11 19:48:21.067

This lipstick is so gorgeous! The color is a “deepened cherry,” and it works for any time of the year, which is awesome. Kylie came out with six different shades, and I only bought one of the six. There were other colors I wanted, but you really can’t go wrong with a nice cherry red lipstick. The lipstick retails at $17 each which isn’t bad at all. They do have a bundle for all six for $90.


This was all unplanned and last minute, but I thought it would be fun for me to share some of the goodies I treated myself to. Overall, I am happy with everything I purchased everything from the packaging to the actual items.  I am very excited to play around with these new, fun items! I hope some of you get your hands on some of these items and if you already have, I hope you are as excited to use them like me. Thank you again so much for reading!

XX Janet


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