How To Make The Best Out Of Your Week!


Hurrah, I am back, and I want to share some tips that can help your week go by as smooth as possible! Being an adult can be overwhelming and being overwhelmed is no fun. I have done a few things from time to time trying to be as productive as possible to make my days go by smoothly. It can be difficult when you have work, run errands, need to cook, clean and all that stuff! Let me get started and share some of the things that I’ve made into somewhat a routine to make my life a tad easier!

Plan Ahead. I am a person who likes to plan my days ahead of time. It makes life easier knowing what is happening: when and where. It can be annoying, but v helpful. I love having a pretty planner  & notebooks alongside some lovely pens. I have used a planner for a few years now, and by far my favorite has been the large hardcover spiral planner from Rifle Paper Co. I personally like using a mix of Sakura Gelly Roll Pens & Paper Mate Flair Pens. The gel pens actually work great and are super smooth and inexpensive which is a super plus! It may sound stupid, but it truly helps and motivates me to use my planner and use the pens to write stuff down. I carry a notebook with me when I am out, so I can write things down that needs to get done when I don’t have my planner on hand. Since my handwriting is pretty big and my planner is on the larger side, having a notebook is very helpful for me.


To-Do List! It may sound so easy and so simple, but how many times have you written a to-do list and completed everything from start to finish? I use to write stuff down and not finish half of it. That may just be me, idk. Now, its time to manage time much, much more effectively! I recently started to be much more realistic when it comes to completing to-do lists. It all starts with figuring out how much you have to do and how much time you realistically have. I know some things are more important than others. I like using a notepad because its much cleaner and I can check stuff off as I go.


Clean As You Go! This one is so hard if you are bad at time management, which I get! Especially if you are in a hurry this one can be impossible. I think the biggest issue with me is when I do my makeup. I end up leaving makeup products all over my bathroom counter. I started making a habit of putting things away once I am done using them. When it comes to cooking, I like to wash as soon as I am done eating. If something needs to sit on the stovetop or in the oven, I start washing dishes, so I have much less of a mess to clean up afterward. Cleaning as you go = less mess in your home because, in reality, nobody likes to clean! Well at least I don’t, plus its something that needs to get done!

Meal Plan. I like to plan two maybe three days in advance. I go to the market a few times a week, and I pick up whatever it is I need for the day of and for the next day. I will have my mind set on what I will be having for breakfast and dinner (lunch if I am home, otherwise, I usually go out for lunch if I am at work).

Healthy Choices. I love having a healthy breakfast! I feel like if you eat a good, healthy breakfast it helps kickstart your day on a positive note. Yeah, sure from time to time I will have something that isn’t all that healthy but who even cares! Just as long as I make an effort most of the time is all that matters. I also love having a good workout routine. I usually prefer working out in the morning. I love that accomplished feeling I get after a workout. I do not exercise every day, although I wish I did. It can be hard with work and well, life in general. I try to take a walk at least or go for a quick little jog/run. I like using the app – Runkeeper. It keeps track of your activities, and you can select what exercise you are doing such as running, walking, cycling, etc. It also has a timer for how long you have been doing what you are doing. I like it so that I can see my progress. The app is also great for training for a race or something along those lines. In the end, it will show you a map of what you’ve done in that specific workout. I love that you can also set reminders so if you want to make it a routine it will send you a notification right to your phone!


Outfits. Have 3 – 4 go to outfits. This has saved me from last minute things or just when I get busy and have no time to figure my outfit out. I have this rack where I keep my favorite clothing pieces. I usually put everything next to each other that completes an outfit. My rack is actually from Free People, but they sell little ones at Target or even the Container Store!


Make A Good Playlist. To me, listening to good music while trying to get stuff done is beyond helpful when cooking, cleaning, driving, working out, etc. I enjoy listening to a mix of genres. I made a playlist of some songs I’ve been listening to lately and I just think this playlist is also an excellent fall playlist since we are getting there in a few weeks.

Click here to have a listen:

Dreams: Feel Good


Have A Bedtime! Sleep is so, so important. If you get the right amount of sleep, you will feel great once you wake up. I hate feeling tired and thinking to myself, “All I want to do is crawl back to bed and sleep!” If you have an iPhone, Apple came out with this dandy little section on the clock app where you can set a bedtime. You simply add the number of hours you would like to sleep, and it will alert you so you can be prepared to go to bed! It really does help. Make sleep a priority! Your body needs it more than you know. Also, don’t oversleep. You will feel tired, and it will end up being a waste of time! I used to hate sleep and still kind of do. I mean I know it makes no sense, but as I get older I have come to realize how much my body needs rest and, well, its all about taking care of yourself!


Lastly, RELAX! After having a day dealing with so much remember to take time for yourself and relax. Take a bath, read a book, watch a tv show, etc. DO whatever it is that YOU love!

X  Janet

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