Halloween Time at Disneyland

Ahh Disneyland, how I love it! There is just something so beautiful about being in a place where everyone around is happy. For my 6th year anniversary with Aaron, my boyfriend, we decided to go to Disneyland. I was super excited because I have never been to Disneyland around “Halloween Time” and I was beyond excited to see all the decorations and to be at the happiest place on earth!


Upon arriving to the park, we saw Minnie Mouse and decided to take a photo with her. I love how she was dressed in a beautiful velvet gown all in the Halloween spirit! We saw Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck too, but they had a huge line and we didn’t feel like waiting over 30 minutes for each character.


We then stopped by the Starbucks they have at the park because your girl needed some caffeine to get going for the rest of the day! I love how their cups have the classic Starbucks logo on it, but on the other side, it says “Disney Parks” with Disney icons floating around. Definitely makes for a cute photo!


It was a special day for me because Aaron & I were at Disneyland to celebrate our six years of love. Although we aren’t married, I wanted to get a pin to remember this day! If you didn’t know, you could stop by at Disney’s City Hall on Main St. and get a pin for free. They have ones for birthday’s, 1st Visit, anniversaries, etc.


I have always wanted one of these Disney balloons, but they are way too expensive! I love this Halloween Mickey silhouette with the bats, moon and the little spider. Not a spider fan, but its a cute, friendly spider. Also, the castle behind made a great photo.


Speaking of castles, I love the Sleeping Beauty Castle. It’s just so beautiful and reminds me of being a little girl and playing dress up. It is also so iconic, and it’s a great photo opportunity! Every time Aaron & I have gone to Disneyland together, we always take a photo by the castle. I love having the same pictures from different years if that makes sense.


Churros are my favorite, but it is even better when you are at a theme park! Yes, they are overpriced, but I am in love with Disneyland’s churros. I always treat myself to one of these guys!


I love New Orleans Square! I love how they have jazz music playing almost always. I believe these guys are called “Jambalaya Jazz” I am not 100% sure tho. It’s a great area to sit down and have a snack and listen to the jazz music playing. They also have The Haunted Mansion and The Pirates of the Caribbean close by, which are two of my favorite attractions.


The Haunted Mansion Holiday is my favorite. I am a fan of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, so it makes it extra exciting to go on this ride. I love how detailed and how much fun this attraction is. The wait time for this ride can be v long, but it’s so worth it! There is so much to see while you wait, so it really isn’t that bad! I like to download the Disneyland app, so I can see what the wait times are and sometimes I’ll go to a different attraction first if the wait time is less than another.


Whenever I go to Disneyland, I am in a whole other headspace of pure happiness! Maybe one day I will own an annual pass, but for now, I will live off these photos that make me happy and allow me to remember these memories! If you have not been to Disneyland for Halloween Time, you should. Its a great start for Autumn, even though I know Autumn is a week away, but I am beyond excited and can’t wait for it to be here!


XX Janet

One thought on “Halloween Time at Disneyland

  1. This was such a lovely post, I wish I could go to Disneyland around Halloween, it looks like a new level of magic!! Also I have to agree, a churro at Disneyland tastes ten times better than a churro anywhere else! x

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