How I Decorate for Fall


Fall is here, Fall is here, Fall is HERE!! I could not be more excited. I absolutely love everything about fall. I wanted to start off the season by sharing how I decorate my home for autumn. There is a variety of ways one could decorate, but I personally go for the friendly “spooky” look for Halloween and pumpkin everything!



Decorating my kitchen. Well, let us say it was somewhat tough because I have such a small kitchen, but I definitely wanted to incorporate some fall vibes. You could never go wrong with some kitchen towels to add some color and cute Halloween graphics. I also found this cute spoon rest that goes well with the bats on the towels. It was a perfect match! I also decided to have a mug right on my Keurig. It adds character with everything else going on.


I love having fall colored throw blankets on my couch. It makes the room cozy and makes me want to cuddle up and relax for a while. I also added this throw pillow with some leaves on it to complete the room.


Right next to my couch I have a small bookshelf, and I decided to decorate it with a candy bowl on top, along with a little scented pumpkin by its side. I thought it looked somewhat bare and decided to add this creamy white pumpkin with orange splatters on it to one of the shelves. I think adding decorations to any shelves around your home adds a whole lot to the atmosphere in the room!


I have this seagrass ottoman where I keep throw blankets, and normally on top, I have a little cactus hanging out. When I found this large jack-o-lantern, I knew it would look perfect on top of the ottoman! I love that it comes with a built-in light so I can plug it in during the evening and make the whole room feel like fall. I also decorated above my fireplace with a maple leaf garland to make it look nice. I also added a wreath with some more leaves and some small pumpkins. Although I did not take a photo of it, the wreath adds so much to the fireplace area.

To add to the fun, I bought my cat, Mason, this little house that comes with cat scratchers. It is all Halloween themed, and it is sooo cute! I love buying scratchers for my cat and every Halloween & Christmas, Target makes these fun holiday themed scratchers, so I knew I had to get one!



Lastly, I have this little corner where I have a mirror, and I usually keep a candle and a few random items. I also decided to decorate that area with some cute little ghost lights alongside with some candles. Having more than one candle there with the lights definitely gave me some cozy fall vibes.

For now, this is how my home is looking for Autumn. I may or may not buy more decorations, but I guess we will see. I am happy how its all coming along.  Make sure you are following me on Instagram @jusst_janet so you can keep up with all the fall activities I will get myself into.

Much love to you!  xo Janet

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