Santa Barbara Day Trip

So, we just got back from a quick day trip to Santa Barbara! I decided to share with y’all some of the things we did, where we ate, etc.





The main reason for this trip was to head over to the Museum of Contemporary Art to see the Barry McGee exhibition. So of course, that was our first stop! If you happen to live in or near Santa Barbara, you should stop by the museum before October 14th. Free admission, but you are welcome to donate! I had such a great time looking at all the paintings, drawings and all the art in general with all the different mediums. It’s amazing what someone is capable of creating. Another cool thing about the museum is how they have an interactive area where you can draw on stickers, make signs, and hang your piece of art up in that section of the museum.


Since Santa Barbara is a couple of hours away from home, we also decided to hang out for a few more hours. We stopped for lunch at Sandbar on State Street. It’s a Mexican restaurant, and the food was delicious! I forgot to take a photo of all the food we got, but for our appetizer, we got some yummy nachos! Who doesn’t love nachos?




We decided to go to a few shops to hang out and browse for a while. It’s nice going around visiting different stores without feeling forced to spend money. Anyway, we went into Nordstrom, and I decided to take photos of clothes I liked for inspiration or even things I’d want to buy in the future.



I had to stop by Lush! This specific store is near & dear to my heart haha. The Lush in Paseo Nuevo is actually the first Lush store I’ve ever been to. It was the closest one to my home when I was younger, and I’ve had great experiences there. I always felt like I got treated so, so good by the employees and it is definitely one that I will always return to. The Lush team was so giving and so great to me that it will forever be one of my favorite Lush locations.


Oh my gosh, Blenders. If you happen to ever go to Santa Barbara, or anywhere where they have a Blenders in the Grass (they got a few locations), you MUST stop by for a smoothie. Seriously, you won’t regret it! I’ve been to tons of smoothie places, and this one is by far one of the best smoothie spots. They are so good, and they give you the option to add one free supplement. After that, you pay for each additional supplement you’d like! They are also reasonably priced in my opinion.  I got the Tropical Kale smoothie with chia seeds!

It was such a quick trip since we were there just for the day, but it was nice having a day away from home. It was a day full of looking at some cool art, eating & doing some shopping. You can’t go wrong with that! Hope this post inspires you to take a trip close to home.

xx Janet


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