“BLOGMAS” week 2


It is week two of Blogmasssss! I really can’t believe Christmas is around the corner! I feel like I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to enjoy a lot of Christmas things, and it makes me sad! I am going to do my best to do a lot of Christmassy things this week! Especially since we are nine days awaaaay.

Sunday, December 9th-

Woke up to, of course, finish editing my blog post. If you are a new visitor, go check out last week’s Blogmas post to catch uppp!  Besides editing, I didn’t do a whole lot. I stayed in & did some laundry and home stuff. I did go to Anthropologie to buy a candle! It is, in fact, my second one of the same kind this year haha I love their candles sooo much! I also was just in love with all their cute ornaments and Christmas decor!




Monday, December 10th-

Monday was a good day since I was able to sleep in for a little bit! Sleeping in is always nice haha. I then went to work, and once my shift was over, I came home and hung out for a couple of hours before a couple of friends arrived. We went to the House of Blues in Anaheim to see Wavves & Beach Fossils.  It was such a fun night, especially for a Monday! One of my favorite memories of the night was how people kept crowd surfing, and security guards would snatch the crowd surfers from above and cradle them away. Haha, its moments like those that make shows extra fun and special. During the show, we had a few adult beverages and caught up with old friends while enjoying the music! After the show, we headed out to grab a bite and drove back to LA! It was a little past midnight when we got home, so off to bed, I went.




Tuesday December 11th-

During my morning I made myself some breakfast and watched some Youtube (catching up on Vlogmas videos haha), and then got ready for work. I work right by a Whole Foods, so after work, I headed to Whole Foods & then to Trader Joes to pick up a few groceries. So while I was at Whole Foods, I came across Pipcorn mini popcorn, and they are sooo good! I instantly knew I had to get them because they are kind to your teeth and they are made with only three ingredients! I got the sea salt flavor, but I know they have a couple of different ones. So next time you are at Whole Foods, give these guys a try!  Also, the Cabo Chips are also so good, if you haven’t tried them also give those a try! I struggle knowing what to make for dinner from time to time. I have those days when I don’t know what to make haha I don’t get why knowing what to eat is difficult sometimes! But then that’s why I headed over to Trader Joes to buy some other ingredients to make some Pita Pizzas!




Wednesday December 12th-

I had work early in the morning, and I was craving Starbucks. I got a tall iced coffee with two pumps of Caramel Brûlée & soy milk, and it was sooo good!  NOTE: Getting a seasonal flavor syrup on Iced coffee is just as good as if it were a Latte! & its much more friendlier to your wallet. Also, I thought it was cute that my local Starbucks had a Christmas tree! After work, I headed to Sephora because they had a sale that was going on for a week, maybe two weeks. I don’t remember haha well I know if you are a VIB ROUGE there was a coupon for $25 off a $75 purchase which is very good for Sephora! The 12th was the last day to use up this offer. I made it and bought myself a couple of things that I needed.



Thursday December 13th-

A friend and I had made plans to hang out all morning and afternoon. We decided to head to Abbot Kinney in Venice! It was actually hot and I was not too happy about that haha just because we were out walking around and being outside when its too warm isn’t too fun! Anyway, we went to a couple of stationery stores. The first one is called Burro. They have a lot of cute stuff, and of course, I had to photo their Christmas tree because I live for that haha. We also walked over to a shop, which I honestly don’t remember the name of the store but they had this whole outdoor patio situation going on, and we were hanging out there for a while. We had lunch at The Butchers Daughter, and if you are in LA or NY its a must try! The place is so delicious, and I love their aesthetic! Its a vegetarian place and they have some vegan and Gluten Free options! I also came across this place called Urbanic Paper Boutique, and they had such cute, cute stuff. I was in love, haha, and they also had some fun Christmas stuff! We, of course, grabbed some coffee at Intelligentsia and continued to walk around and enjoy our time together.




Friday December 14th-

Alright, so, I have been doing some more Christmas shopping, well at least of what is left of it haha & no I am not done, but I hope to be done by Monday latest Tuesday! So I headed over to the mall to do some shopping and again, I won’t be sharing what I bought because I don’t want to expose what I got in case some family/friends read this blog post. But oh my gosh, the mall was insanely crazy with long lines, and now I am just super eager to finish because it is only going to get crazier! It blows my mind how fast Christmas is coming! But also I wanted to share the cute outdoor lights my local mall had out in front of the building!



Saturday December 15th-

So I got together with my friend Olivia because she wanted to take me out for a late birthday brunch haha. We went to a place called Cafe Buna in Marina Del Rey, and it was so good! So thank you, Olivia!! After our brunch, we went to do some Christmas shopping for her. I had work, so we didn’t get to do a lot, but it was fun hanging out for a while! After work, Aaron and I grabbed some crappy food haha (fast food) which I am not proud of, but oh well it happens! When I got home, I just arranged and organized some stuff to make my Christmas shopping easier. I wrote down what I had bought for others as well as mentally keeping in mind what I need to get this week! I am almost done with my shopping as I’ve mentioned a few times and I can’t wait.



I apologize much of this didn’t involve Christmassy things, but I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post! Follow me on Instagram @jusst_janet to keep up with more behind the scenes as well as stuff I share exclusively there! Hope you all have a great week! Much love to you!!

XX Janet

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