“BLOGMAS” week 3


Blogmas week 3 is here! I can’t believe Christmas is here in just three days. I hope ya’ll are as excited and ready as I am. I feel much more happier since I did a lot more Christmassy type things this week! So lets get to it.

Sunday, December 16th

Did a lot of house stuff from grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning my apartment. Later on in the evening, I went over to Barnes & Noble to buy a book for my niece. It is a really cute book that I know she will enjoy! Afterwards, I went over to Bristol Farms to buy a couple ingredients to make some yummy hot chocolate! I decided to make it every night until Christmas because it is sooo good haha.



Monday, December 17th

I had a mostly chill morning. Later on in the day, I went over to Beverly Center with Aaron, my boyfriend, to go to Bloomingdales & L’Occitane to pick up a couple of gifts for our families’ Secret Santa. I was expecting it to be crazy busy, but it wasn’t too bad thankfully haha. I did want to do some more Christmas shopping, but we had a late start into our day, so it didn’t happen. We then headed home and made some hot chocolate and watched Home Alone. That was the end of our day!


Tuesday, December 18th

Finally finished all my Christmas shopping!! Honestly, it has been such a relief haha! I wanted to beat the craziness, although it was a bit busy in a few stores but not too bad thankfully! We went to the Americana at Brand and Glendale Galleria. We got to the Americana at Brand, and we went to Wetzel Pretzel to split a pretzel. Then Aaron and I went separate ways for a few hours to get the remainder of our gifts for each other and everyone else on our list! After our shopping, we met up once again and headed over to Candy Cane Lane and oh my gosh, it is so magical! I was so in love with every house. It was such a fun time! We walked around, and some people were selling cookies, brownies and hot chocolate. It was so nice seeing so many people walking around and driving enjoying all the Christmas lights. None of the photos do it justice, but I did try taking some pictures to share with ya’ll either way! Since we had some hot chocolate when we were walking around, I decided not to make any at home that night.







Wednesday, December 19th

Some family came over late last night, so I woke up and headed over to Trader Joes to buy some ingredients to make some breakfast burritos & my tropical green smoothie for us all. After we all got ourselves ready, we went to Westfield Century City. The family was going to do some Christmas shopping and hangout. Unfortunately, I had work, so we spent a couple of hours together at the mall, and after work, we met up over in Santa Monica to go Ice Skating. It was my first time, and it was sooo hard haha. Luckily, I did not fall! It was so much fun, and it was pretty cool how the ice made the surrounding area much colder making it feel much more like Christmas time! After skating, we headed over to Tj Maxx so they could finish more of their Christmas shopping. We then headed over to my apartment to hang out for the rest of the night!




Thursday, December 20th

I spent the morning with the family before they headed back home. While getting ready for work, my sister called to let me know she wanted to come to town and well, it was fine haha. I have had a week full of visitors which was nice! She saw all the photos of Ice Skating, and she wanted to give it a go, so we basically did it all over again haha it was such a good time! My little niece was so excited even though she’s too little to ice skate on her own. Either way, she was having such a good time!


Friday December 21st

It’s officially Winter! Woohoo!! Haha getting started on my day I had a morning work shift which was nice! After work, Aaron and I hung out for a little then met up with my sister since they were in Santa Monica taking photos of my niece with Santa! She looked too cute in her little outfit! My sister and her family headed over to the Los Angeles Zoo since they have a whole Christmas event going on. Unfortunately, we were unable to make it, but I did come home to make some hot chocolate and watch The Grinch. While watching The Grinch, I also did all of my Christmas wrapping which is verrrry good haha.



Saturday, December 22nd

Aaron and I always have our own little Christmas before we head out of town and today is the day! We had a typical morning just doing whatever it was that we had to do. When our “Christmas” officially started, we had some cheese pizza to go along with Home Alone 2: Lost in New York! Home Alone is definitely my favorite Holiday Movie because Kevin has such a love for Christmas trees and well, me too! Plus, we both share a love for cheese pizza haha. We also watched Elf, and while that was on, we decided to exchange our stockings. We also had a few goodies for Mason, my cat, and he was so happy. It was cute! He instantly wanted his treats and afterward played with all his toys. We then opened up a gift that Aaron and I had for each other. Aaron got me a cute planter and a candle. He knows me so well haha he made it into one gift so I can have the planter as a stand for the candle and then once the candle is gone use it as a planter. I got him a nice button up from J. Crew and a little travel notebook! Christmas is almost here, and I am excited to spend it with both of our families!






Thank you all for reading once again. I’ve enjoyed this series, and since Christmas is at the beginning of the week I’ll continue Blogmas week four and end it on Christmas Day! Happy Holidays to you all!

xx Janet

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