End of December/ Blogmas week 4

I can’t believe 2018 is almost over! Anyway, as promised I am going to end the last few days of Blogmas, so here it goes.



Sunday, December 23rd

So today, Aaron and I head back home to visit our families, but first I had work. We did a Secret Santa at work, but I received so many gifts from other co-workers, and I felt oh so very loved. I got a gift card from Sephora, a bath bomb, and a few other little goodies. After work, I came home and packed my things, and Aaron and I headed out. We didn’t hit a lot of traffic which was surprising especially since it was so close to Christmas. When we arrived back home, we dropped off some gifts at my parent’s house, and it felt so good to see all the Christmas decorations. This sums up Sunday since we arrived pretty late.



Monday, December 24th

I can’t believe its Christmas Eve!! We usually celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve with my family. We got together and had loads of fun. We had a great dinner, played a few board games like Jenga and Sorry. We watched a couple of Christmas movies, and I made some hot chocolate. It was especially fun to see how excited my younger nieces and nephews were to open their gifts. I didn’t take too many photos because it felt like the time enjoy the moment. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted some videos s of the night on my story.



Tuesday, December 25th

Christmas day is here! So this is the day we celebrate Christmas with Aaron, my boyfriend’s family. So we do a Secret Santa with his parents and siblings. So once everyone is up we all head downstairs and start our Secret Santa gift exchange! Once we did that we had some breakfast and morning coffee. After all that stuff, we headed over to his Aunts house where the rest of the family got together. It was such a great time! We had some wine and lots of food. We did a White Elephant, and that was also so much fun! I ended up with a gift card which was not bad at all haha. We pretty much stayed there till midnight then we headed back to Aaron’s parent’s house to call it a night!


I also wanted to show ya’ll what I got for Christmas, so I hope this photo sums it up haha


As for the rest of the week, Aaron’s brother wanted to come down to LA with us, and we went to the Marciano Art Foundation. They had some great art to look at! If you are in the LA area its free, you just have to reserve your ticket! It is worth checking out. We also hung out in Downtown LA for a little while and had some yummy tacos at Chica’s Tacos. It is on the pricey side, but it was sooo good! Unfortunately, I ended up getting a cold, so we did little things here and there, but I haven’t been feeling my best, so I am just going to end this post here! I hope all of you had a great time during Christmas with loved ones!





xx Janet

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