My Goals For 2019

Well hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great start to their New Years! I want to welcome 2019 with a positive little project I’ve set for myself haha. It’s so easy to want something and then give up, especially if its a big change or if it takes a lot of time and dedication. I know saying having a New Year’s resolution is kind of cliche, but its something I hope for and have set as my goal. I wanted to not call it a resolution but in all honesty that is what it is. So I wanted to share with ya’ll these goals I have for myself. Setting goals are good if it is something that is going to be a positive change for yourself!



Staying active can be hard. It is not easy, especially if there is little to no motivation! I know its something almost everyone sets as their New Year’s resolution and then easily is given up on, but I am determined to accomplish this goal. Mainly because I want to feel energized throughout my days. I have said this before, but I love the way I feel after a good workout! Therefore, how great would it be to feel that way most of the time?

Here is my plan to accomplish this goal: I am going to set somewhat of a schedule. Not a routine, but simply a schedule. I have a planner where I write down my schedule for the week and in between my days whether it is morning, afternoon or evening I will do something active! If its a day I am swamped, I’ll do my best to squeeze in at least 20 minutes whether it’s going out for a quick walk or doing a quick routine at home. If it doesn’t happen, it is okay. I will start the next day again!



Creativity can mean a lot of different things. I feel like I have not been as creative as I can be. I love doing little projects for myself, so this year I want to be much more creative when it comes to small projects I do for myself or with the photos I take or direct. I want to be surrounded by more creative people that will motivate me. This is simply because doing something out of my comfort zone will help me progress and can be fun!



Okay, well this is a tough one! Saving money is hard for me because I almost always want to buy things. I work at a place that is so fun, I love to eat, I love shopping & I love coffee! All those things put together are dangerous haha.

How I am going to accomplish this: I am going to tell myself these four things whenever I want to buy something- DO I NEED IT? WILL I BE OKAY WITHOUT IT? DO I REALLY NEED IT? IS IT WORTH THIS “X” AMOUNT OF DOLLARS? I had to mention if I needed it more than once because a need is easily confused with a want! Eating out should be more of a reward. I get it, sometimes we are busy and need to get a bite! I want to start carrying a snack from home, so whenever I am out, I can have a snack and have time to go back home and make myself something to eat. I know it won’t always be easy, but if I make an effort then there’s less of a chance I will eat out. Coffee shops are so much fun, but to be honest I have such a high caffeine tolerance, and I mean high, that caffeine really doesn’t do anything to me. So why should I always buy coffee at a coffee shop? Instead, I can brew some freshly brewed coffee at home and once in a while treat myself, but not as much as I usually do!



Traveling is something everyone wants to do, but not everyone can. This is something I know I have always wanted more of, and well I’ve taken some small trips, but not as much as I would like. The reason behind it all is MONEY! And that brings me back to goal number 3. If I am able to save money, I can travel to some more places! I know it gets expensive, but I would much rather see the world than stay stuck in LA and be spending my money on unnecessary things!



Okay, well I might need to spend a little money on this, but it’s for a good cause haha. I can be pretty organized, but I would like to be even more so. I think having a clean, organized home is lovely! Especially when you are busy or traveling, you don’t have to go through that moment of trying to remember where things are and all that. I want to get little bins and label them for every little thing I may need. All my new makeup/beauty products, extra charging equipment & batteries, arts & crafts supplies, etc. should have their own space. I feel like it will be much easier when I, or even Aaron, are looking for something and we can pull out that bin and voilà!

I hope to accomplish all, if not most of these goals this year! I want to keep myself busy, happy and motivated. I love the feeling of being productive and I just want to feel better about myself. I hope you have set some goals for yourself and I hope you make it happen! Cheers to a good 2019! Much love to you.

xx Janet

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