Bar Hopping in DTLA’s Arts District


Going to bars is always so much fun! Of course, there is this thing where you spend way more than you should, but it’s still fun from time to time! I love bar hopping at the Arts District in DTLA. The ambiance is nice, and the prices are fair. It is also lovely to walk around and get some air while you’ve been drinking. I love how you’ll discover art and small shops while you walk from one bar to the next! No matter the time of day, whether its mid-day or towards the evening, these are a few of my favorite bars.  So if you are in LA, living or visiting, these places are worth checking out!

  • Angel City Brewery

This place is big & so much fun! They sell a bunch of different craft beer. I enjoy beer, but I can be on the picky side. The Bir Royale is what I went for. It is described as Champagne-like because it is fermented with champagne yeast. It’s dry, sweet (slightly) and it has a bit of a berry flavor. I love that this place has a variety of big tables for big groups and smaller tables for just a couple of people. It is nice to see that they have options for everyone. You are also allowed to bring outside food in which is really nice, but of course, they also sell food there. They have a back wall filled with art, and they also have a couple of spots where you can play cornhole which is so much fun! haha




  • Here and Now

This place is ohhh, so good! First, the ambiance is just perfect. It is so nice and calm, and that says a lot for a bar. All of the employees I encountered are so friendly, and the drinks are fantastic! I also do love that their menu has the prices because a lot of bars don’t price drinks on their menus and well, I like knowing how much I am paying for a drink! Besides all that, they also do serve some food. I’ve only had their fries, and they are so good, to say the least, haha. This place is definitely worth visiting!




  • Resident DTLA

Oh my gosh, KTCHN DTLA  serves the best-grilled cheese ever!! I needed to start with that because it is seriously soooo good (the photo does NOT do it justice haha). I’ve tried to recreate it before, but it doesn’t come out nearly as good. The grilled cheese has Cheddar, BBQ sauce, Caramelized Onions, and Crispy Onions. Anyway, Resident serves their beer & cocktails through an Airstream which is pretty cool. Right across from the Airstream is where you will find KTCHN DTLA food truck. As you walk down deeper, they have a couple of fire pits going on. Overall, it is a great atmosphere. They do have a section where they host live music from time to time. And nights where they have DJ’ s. I know they generally charge for the live music, but I’ve been there a couple of times where there are just DJ sets and its free! Anytime I get the chance to go out for drinks in downtown; I end up coming here. This place is outdoors, so keep that in mind incase it is a cold night. The events are hosted indoors, so if you end up going to an event, now you know!




Honestly, this list of places can go on. There is also Eighty Two, but I would only go here if I get there early enough because it gets so packed with people. This place is so much fun because it’s basically an arcade with all the good classic games, mixed in with a cocktail bar. Arts District Brewing Company is another fun spot. They have a bunch of games you can play, like darts, cornhole, and ski ball. And have a great selection of draft beers! This is another fun spot to go to and have a good time with friends!


Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this! Thank you so much for reading, and I hope ya’ll check these places out when you get the chance.

xx Janet

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