DIY Valentines Cards


Hello! Hope all of you are doing well! It is getting close to the end of January and the next holiday is Valentines Day! With that being said, I wanted to share a few Valentines DIY cards. Now, this can be for your significant other or just for your girlfriends! Either way, it’s such a fun craft to do for a day to show our love for everyone you care about! (We should always express our love, but how cool is it that we have a designated day for it?!)

Card No. 1: Quote Card


This one is one of my favorites because I did it all by myself. I am not one that can write super nice with the bouncy letters, but I tried and tried, and I am pretty happy with how this came out! For this card, I went with Paper Source’s Scallop A2 in Bluebell Card. I used this super cute heart face stamp with pink embossing powder and added white hearts all around the corners using a white gel pen. I then gave myself plenty of room to write a quote.

Note: You can write your quote or get one from the internet! I use a lot of heat embossing because I find it so fun haha, but you can try other ways such as using stamps with a regular ink pad, drawing or even looking for pictures online and cutting them out. Heat embossing raises the image or lettering and gives the card a great touch of texture.

Card No 2: Kissing Card


For this card, I drew out a stick figure person as a girl and another as a boy. I didn’t draw their faces but instead, I added two heart stickers and tilted them so it can indicate a boy & a girl kissing. I then went and used an embossing pen and added little dots all around and used a red embossing powder.

Card No. 3: Tic Tac Toe


I thought this was such a cute idea. Initially, I drew the grid and x’s with a pink pen and added the hearts. Then I realized embossing it would look better, so I used a sky blue embossing powder. I then added a full row of hearts in a diagonal form representing someone winning. I heat embossed “you won” on top and “my heart” at the bottom! It’s a bit cheesy but so cute! haha

Card No. 4: Heart Beat Card


This card is so simple, but I love this one sooo much ha. I started by adding a red glittery heart sticker and proceeded by adding the heartbeat line with my embossing pen and finished it off with the red embossing powder!

Card No. 5: Galentine’s Card


So since most of these are for a significant other, I decided I should add one for a girlfriend! I folded a small 4 Bar Soft White Card from Paper Source in half and cut it to form half a heart. After that, I unfolded it so it can create a complete heart and wrote the word “Galentine’s” using a black brush pen. Afterward, I added polka dots with an embossing pen followed by the red embossing powder. I then added foam squares behind the heart to give it dimension and put it in a scalloped A2 card. I wrote “Happy” on top and “Day” at the bottom of the card with a white and pink pen. I then decided to decorate the card with random heart stickers in no particular order.

Disclaimer: Not all ideas are entirely mine. I was inspired by similar styles that I came across, but I did create some ideas that were original to me! All of the materials that I used are from Paper Source, but it is in no way sponsored. 

I think this is such a fun project to do. It feels nice receiving a card especially one that is handcrafted. It is time-consuming, but it’s fun, and I enjoyed every part of it! Feel free to draw inspiration from these or make something entirely new! Use any materials you’d like and or shop wherever you think they have cute stuff that you’ll enjoy using for this project! I feel like this is something fun you can do with a boyfriend, girlfriend, and friends and trade cards at the end. Have some wine and snacks and enjoy a night in! Hope some of you try making some DIY cards!


xx Janet

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    1. Hahaa thank you! I haven’t had much practice but I think they came out okay! Thank you for reading my blog post ❤️


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