Cafes throughout London

Hello you lovely bunch! I just got back from London & whilst it was such a short trip, I had a lovely time. I am glad I did a lot of exploring and took all different sorts of public transportation. It was just very nice to change things up & all. I wanted to kick off today’s post with all the coffee shops/cafes I went to and share my thoughts. London is quite huge. I would say, so all these cafes take place in different neighborhoods, which works perfectly because there is a variety of locations to choose from.

Holy Shot- Shoreditch

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The first cafe we visited was Holy Shot. Aaron, my boyfriend, got a London Fog. I, of course, had a few sips, enough to share my thoughts. My first thought was how nice & presentable it was, what a lovely cup of tea! I love that they added little bits and pieces of roses. That added some flavoring and made it much more different from any other London Fog I’ve had. I, on the other hand, had a single Piccolo, and I LOVED it. In case you didn’t know, a Piccolo is a latte made with a ristretto shot, or so that is what Google told me haha. But I had seen that name in a couple of coffee shops and was curious, so I had to try it out myself. It was very smooth & yummy overall.

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Farm Girl – Notting Hill

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Farm Girl was THE BEST! That is all I have to say. Haha no, but in all seriousness it was so good from the food to the lattes we had. I got an acai bowl with added granola and adding that granola was a v nice addition. It was just so perfect from all the toppings to the consistency of the acai itself. It wasn’t too frozen or too watery, just perfect! I had that along with the Rose Latte that was also yummy. It had a pleasant subtle taste of rose, but the good espresso is what I love anyway. Aaron had an omelet with added mozzarella and a Lavender Latte. I had a bite of his food and of course, a few sips of his latte and OMG I was in love with both. I never thought of having an omelet under some good sourdough, but now that’s what I’m going to replicate at breakfast time haha. The omelette was made with almond milk, which I think might of helped make it so fluffy and just the way it was cooked made it so enjoyable. His Lavender Latte was also yummy! It had nice hints of lavender, which if I am sincere, I knew I would love it. I wish I were able to try out some more of their food/drinks since everything we had was absolutely scrumptious! So if you are ever in the area, do yourself a favor & try out some of their goods!

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NKORA- Shoreditch

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NKORA was a stop for just for a quick pick me up. Aaron got a Green Tea, which to me plain green tea is pretty self-explanatory. Although the green tea was a hot tea rather than iced, it was quite refreshing and nice to have. I, of course, had an Oatmilk Latte. All that creamy goodness with some espresso is all I’ll ever need haha. We did hang out there for quite some time and we had a lovely time with the fresh air in their back seating area. The vibe was quite nice. It was tranquil and peaceful outside, so it just made it a nice spot to hangout.

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Peggy Porschen- Belgravia

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Peggy Porschen was an absolute delight! As soon as you see the outside of the building, you fall in love. It’s pink with flowers throughout the building and at a beautiful corner. Aaron got himself a Chocolate Heaven Cupcake and an iced latte. The chocolate cupcake was delicious overall, especially the creamy, velvety frosting. The iced latte was so freakin’ good, and the way they have the milk so frothy and creamy for an iced latte was unbelievable! I had a slice of cake, and it was their summer special. I got the Berry Burst & ‘Elderfleur’ Cake. It was pink with berries along with some edible flowers- absolutely delightful! I had a mocha to go with my slice of cake & that was also v good! I like how they top it off with some cocoa. Explaining how yummy the cakes & drinks were doesn’t do it justice. Everything from the presentation to the taste was just so lovely. I ended up getting some pink lemonade to go, and it was so fizzy and tasty, probably the best & now my favorite pink lemonade!


Common Ground- Stroud Green (near Finsbury Park) 

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This place was near to where Aaron & I stayed. We stopped by for some coffee on our way to the Finsbury Park Underground Station. We had a mocha and a macchiato. Both coffee drinks were great. While the mocha was delicious, the macchiato was my absolute favorite. I just loveeee some good espresso haha. We also had a Vegan Raspberry, Pistachio & Rose cake, and it was quite heavenly! I wouldn’t have guessed that it was vegan since it was so creamy and buttery tasting. This was a place we kept walking by, and I am glad we stopped by. They have a great selection of seats. We decided to head on back to their outdoor patio on a fresh, crisp morning, which made having our coffees so delightful!


The English Rose Cafe – Westminster

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Our last stop was at the English Rose Cafe to have some traditional evening tea. It was so fun finding a spot where we can experience having classic tea and finger foods. We got a mixed selection of pastries to share along with some sandwiches in a tiered cake stand, which added a whole lot of fun! For the tea, we had a pot to share & I believe it was the Herbal Peach & Rhubarb Tea, which was sooo good! It was so light and had a nice sweet taste, and there was no need to add anything else to it. Being at the cafe reminded me of being at a grandmas house with cute floral wallpaper and mixed matched teacups, plates, and teapots. It being mismatched made it fun to see a variety of styles of dishes and utensils. Glad Aaron found this gem!

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As for now, this post has come to an end. These were all the lovely places I had the pleasure to visit, as well as the little experiences I had. I wish I had a lot more time to see other places & try out different types of food & drinks. It felt good to go to places I had zero idea of what to expect and well, that is what made it v fun! Thank you for joining me & reading this post!


xx janet

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