Blogmas Week 1

BLOGMASSS IS HERE! Wow, I am thrilled its something I am doing again this year because I really did enjoy it last year! So, now we are back, even though I have been extremely busy with school, work and life in general! I am so excited to share what I’ve been up to this week with life and Christmas stuff! So here it goessss.

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Sunday, December 1st


Ahh, the beginning of the month for new and exciting things! Since it is the first of the month and Christmas is right around the corner, I went on a little hunt to go find myself a Christmas tree. I ended up going to two different Christmas tree spots because oh my gosh, I can’t make decisions for myself! I didn’t like any of the trees in the first spot I went to, so I decided to find another Christmas tree farm. I finally ended up finding the perfeccct Noble Fir-tree! It is smaller than my previous ones but it definitely was the one that spoke to me haha. After picking it up we drove the tree home. The roads in LA are so nice on a Sunday morning, let me just tell you that! We got home sooo fast and it was a bit drizzly out so we kind of ended up hanging out and doing house stuff. In the evening time, we ended up going for a cup of joe! It was a nice relaxing day overall. Those days are the best for me right now because I have been so busy, so doing very little sometimes helps me unwind before the week ahead of me.

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Monday, December 2nd


Monday, Monday, Monday!!! Today is the day I go to school and its in the middle of the day. So Mondays can be super slow for me. Today I wanted to continue and decorate my home so I decided to get my FAKE Christmas tree from my closet and fix her up! I usually put her (saying its “her” because I am decorating it pink and silver this year) in my room. I went to Target to pick up some baby ornaments and silver tinsel, I wish I saw some pink tinsel but unfortunately I didn’t, so I went with silver. I came home and decorated the little baby tree and then had to head out to school, but of course, I made a stop at Starbucks before class for some coffee! It was a very lovely evening after class and just chilled at home with Aaron.

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Tuesday, December 3rd


Being the studious little one that I am, I was mostly at home doing some studying and eventually had work. It wasn’t the most exciting day. After studying and working, I decided to bake some cookies that literally take NO EFFORT haha. It is just nice to do these little things even when busy. I also ended up taking photos of a sweatshirt because I was selling it to someone, so that took some time! Work and studying took up most of the day so I just ended up heading to bed after that.



Wednesday, December 4th 


I started off by getting ready for the day. I didn’t really do much to myself other than taking a shower and that kind of stuff haha. After, I ended up going to the mall to shop for some pre-birthday stuff for myself! I didn’t buy a whole bunch but wanted to treat myself to a few things. The first store I went to was Lush. Honestly, it is so crazy how long its been since I had been there. I was surprised to see all the new bath bombs they came out with. There was honestly a point when I had tried them all, so going back in such a long time was so, so refreshing! I picked up a bath bomb and a body conditioner, which if you haven’t tried either, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. After Lush, I had a brow appointment at Macy’s through Benefit. In case you didn’t know, Benefit Boutiques and the Benefit Brow Bars inside Macy’s will do your eyebrows for free during your birthday week! After that, I headed to Nordstrom and I was looking for a Christmas sweater. Instead, I found just a cute little red sweater that I needed to buy because I actually liked it a lot better than any of the Christmas sweaters I saw and it was only $25 which was such a sweet deal! After Nordstrom, I realized I had a free reward at Coffee Bean, so I went in there to get a cup of coffee and sat for a while enjoying it while doing some homework. After all that, I had to get to school for class. Once my class finally finished, I ended up at Target to buy a few things for the house. When I got home, Aaron and I decorated our Christmas tree! Honest;y guys it’s such a beautiful moment when you start looking at all the Christmas decorations and get to see the final results! I just really enjoy that.


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Thursday, December 5th


IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Honestly, this birthday was so different this year, but still the same in some ways! I turned 26 and I don’t know how I feel about it, but it is okay. I started my day by sleeping in which was much needed! I am not one to normally sleep in super late but I forced myself to do so. I then headed out to Studio City around 1 PM to Alfred Coffee, and if you know, you know it’s my favorite! I only went all the way to Studio City because there is this bagel truck called Yeastie Boys Bagels that goes to different coffee shops every day and that’s where it was. After having a delicious bagel and iced matcha, I went to get my Monstera plant repotted, which was gifted to me by my best friend and I just love it so mucccch. I got a new pot for it and its so cute. Also, it was the cutest little plant shop I’ve been to in such a long time. After the plant shop, Aaron and I went to Crossroads Trading Co. I looked around for a bit and Aaron ended up buying me this super cute pink denim jacket. We ended up at Sephora since I needed to pick up a few things for myself and decided to get a mini eye makeover. It was refreshing having someone do my makeup since I am the one always doing it haha. After we headed to The Americana at Brand and took our annual Santa Photos and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We somehow made it a tradition to go & have dinner there for my birthday. Even though it’s the same place, it’s always so nice to do it all over again! We pretty much ended up heading home after dinner, but before heading home we stopped by Starbucks and I had the funniest barista. He started to sing Happy Birthday and it just made my night even better. I took a video of it for my stories on Instagram but it was honestly so funny haha just thinking about it makes me laugh! (If you want some more behind the scenes make sure to follow me on Instagram @jusst_janet) I know I didn’t do anything too crazy but it was a nice easy going day for me.

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Friday, December 6th


I had such a busy Friday and didn’t get to go out much besides working long hours! Although afterward, I decided to treat myself to a nice bath and a cocktail to unwind. After my bath, I decided to hop on youtube to catch up on some videos but didn’t get very far since I was so tired haha. Also, I picked up this Crown Royal Peach flavored whiskey and I don’t know how I feel about it, but I didn’t hate it haha. I had it with sprite (I don’t know if that is even a thing, but that sounded good to me at the time) so I think I need to have it straight in order to find out how I feel about it.

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Saturday, December 7th


Another long day of work, but I started to do some Christmas shopping! I wish I could show you guys the cute little things I got for some people but I obviously don’t want to spoil the surprise! I also decided to do some cute things for my coworkers and I really hope they enjoy the little goodies I got them. I also decided to wrap a couple of gifts, but I still have some more to wrap. I just need to dedicate a good amount of time! I decided to go with a vintage-looking gift wrap that I found at HomeGoods. I don’t know, there is something about this year’s gift wrap and I couldn’t find anything I LOVED so I decided to go with this. After the fun gift wrapping I headed over to Trader Joe’s for some groceries and I came across these “Boozy Little Chocolate Truffles” and they are soo freakin’ good! You can definitely taste the alcohol but it’s not overwhelming.

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Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this Blogmas post. Make sure to join me again next week for another post. I hope ya’ll have a great week & hope you are doing well ❤



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