Blogmas Day 2

Ahh day two! I woke up very excited to open up my advent calendar! On envelope number 2 we got a little button with Marcel! I didn’t know where it would go, but since it was in my Advent Calendar I wanted to keep it somewhere Christmas related. I decided to put it on Aaron’s (my boyfriend) stocking. It looks good there!

I was undecided what to do with my morning, so I made some tea and drank it from my cute Santa mug (I’m totally obsessed with it!!) and decided to do some chores.. the very boring ones like laundry! I was also able to unpack some more holiday stuff from my boxes and I found a brand new candle from Bath & Body Works. It now lives in my bathroom, so its nice and pepperminty in there haha.

Later in the evening I went to pick up a Christmas gift I ordered from Zara. I love going to the mall during the Holiday season, seeing the way they decorate always makes me happy! Thankfully, it was very empty so no need to worry about getting near people. It felt very nice seeing a shopping mall empty enough to not feel overwhelmed.

After Zara, Aaron and I drove to a Christmas tree farm to pick out a tree and we found a beautiful one!! I still have yet to decorate it but here is a sneak peak of Mason sitting next to it! He looks so tiny next to it haha

Before bed, Aaron and I decided to put on a Christmas movie. We watched The Grinch, which is a classic! I know I will most likely not get around to watching a Christmas movie every night, but I want to try and incorporate it! I will aim to watch one at least every other night.

See ya later for Blogmas Day 3!

xx, Janet

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