Blogmas Day 3

This is day 3, here we goooo! Today I slept in a little too long! I quickly had to get myself ready for work, but of course I had to open envelope number 3 from my F.R.I.E.ND.S advent calendar. Today we got two gift tags and they are so cute! I’ll most likely use it on Aaron’s gifts since I know he will appreciate it or perhaps I’ll hang on to them as a keepsake, haha guess we will see.

After a very long day at work I ran some errands, one including stopping by Target to do a drive up pick up order, gosh that service is super nice to have these days! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend! After that I decided to unpack the Target bags. I had mentioned that I needed to buy some ornaments for my small tree that goes in my bedroom, but I didn’t realize how tiny they were. They looked much bigger online haha. I am not too sure if I’ll keep them, but I am tempted to since I love the color palette! Unfortunately, they don’t make them any bigger in that color scheme so I’m torn. Im thinking of purchasing a couple more boxes and perhaps mixing them with bigger ones?

I also have this small chair in my bedroom that my cat sleeps on from time to time, but since its by my little Christmas tree I decided to decorate it with some nice Christmas colored blankets and this cute throw pillow that was also included in my order from Target. I also picked up some lights so I can decorate my balcony, which I am totally excited to do; and my new door mat that I love so, so much!

Before winding down I decided to wrap a gift, for my dad!I mainly just wanted to get that out of the way since I really love wrapping and also I hate seeing a gift that needs to be wrapped just sitting there haha. I will wait to wrap as I order more gifts because I think I want to make it fun for myself and wrap a group of gifts with some Christmas music or even whilst watching a Christmas film.

Also just a note- I think the next two days might be the best Blogmas post? Maybe not the best, but there will be a lot more to share haha

xx, Janet

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