Blogmas Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of Blogmas! This morning I opened up my Advent Calendar and on envelope number 4 we got a couple of stickers. I normally never know where or how to use stickers. I don’t like sticking them on random things because I just want to keep them haha it is a thing I struggle with.

After opening my advent calendar, Aaron and I got our bags packed and got ready for a mini trip back home to the Central Coast. We stopped by Noah’s Bagels to get some breakfast and I got a pizza bagel and an orange juice.

We quickly stopped by this specific Christmas tree farm that I would go to many years ago, and I wanted to buy some holly. Have you ever seen real holly? It is beautiful, but extremely thorny! For some reason, it is the only place where I can find it so I really wanted to get some. I think it is rare and is so nice to have!

We then went to San Luis Obispo. We parked and walked to this cute party/stationary shop and picked up a super cute ornament that I absolutely love! I think it is so cute and cant wait to hang it up on my tree. We then walked to this tiny little plant shop, didn’t buy anything there, but it felt so nice to be surrounded by all the plants. After the plant shop, we went to Woodstock’s Pizza. It is so good and I missed this pizza place. After dinner, we walked around and went to my favorite little cafe and had some tea to end the evening. It was a very chill night and didn’t do much, but it is nice to come home for a little. It was so beautiful and Christmassy so it made me happy to be surrounded by all the beautiful lights. Sometimes I feel like a little girl when it comes to Christmas decorations haha

I am so happy I got a nice day out and we were completely safe. Don’t worry, we were absolutely safe when out in public. We took all the precautions and we were not in any crowded areas.

See you later for Blogmas Day 5!

xx, Janet

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