Blogmas Day 5

Day 5! We are moving along into the month. So far, it has been great and I am enjoying it! December 5th is my birthday, so my morning was a bit different. Aaron gave me a birthday gift and I totally had no idea. He gave me these super soft, cozy slippers and a very cute pj set from Anthropologie. I am so in love with them, can’t wait to wear them!

After my gift we just hung out, talked, and I proceeded to open up my Advent Calendar. For day 5, I got a two more ornaments. They have a little stocking on them and the other one has a quote.

We got ready and headed out for the day after hanging out for a little while. Our first stop was getting breakfast at the Madonna Inn. They had a pretty good outdoor set up. Everything felt so beautiful, even tho it was outdoors and not in their typical indoor dining room set up. The hostess surprised me with a birthday balloon, which made me feel very special! We also got a slice of their champagne cake – absolutely delicious and I highly recommend if you are ever in the San Luis Obispo area! They allowed us to walk around and look at all the beautiful decorations.

After we had our breakfast, we headed to Morro Bay. I wanted to go to a specific plant store that I remember going to years ago. I found it very beautiful and fun, so I wanted to give it another visit. We ended up spending a good amount time looking at the plants and just hanging out. I picked up a little fern and a couple of pots to repot the fern and another plant I have at home that needs repotting.

We then headed to downtown Slo to go pick up some tea from a local herb shop. I was running low on my stock of tea at home, so wanted to pick some up. I have been really into tea lately, it is something I’ve always enjoyed but never had a big collection. We just hung out and walked for a bit. I also stopped by William Sonoma to pick up a pizza cutter because I was in need of a new one. I ended up just looking around for a little bit. It was close to 8 pm by then so we decided to head back to Aaron’s moms house and we just enjoyed the night watching “Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas” on Netflix. We watched a couple of episodes and just talked. I feel like it was a fun day overall. We were able to hang out and have a chill evening; in my opinion those are the best!

See ya later for Blogmas day 6!

xx, Janet

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