Blogmas Day 8

Busy, busy day let me just say! I, of course, started my morning with my F.R.I.E.N.D.S advent calendar. We got another gift tag! This is probably my favorite one yet – it has the chick & the duck and well I find that adorable haha

I continued my morning by laying in bed and I eventually had to get myself ready for work. So after i got myself ready, I decided to make myself some breakfast. I made a bagel egg sandwich, which of course is my go to if I don’t have anything else in mind since its quite tasty & easy to make!

I had a few extra minutes before work & I decided to make a bow for the little Christmas tree in my bedroom since I didn’t find a tree topper that I loved. I did work a very long day, but it was a good long day at work. I did a good amount of gift wraps, which is my favorite thing to do at work. Except when I work with glittery paper. IT GETS EVERYWHERE!!! I mean it looks very nice but the glitter is a nightmare haha. Although I don’t mind it in general, but when its on paper it definitely is not my favorite.

After work, I had a Wellness shot from Pressed Juicery. Have you had one of those? It contains ginger, lemon & cayenne. They are good, but the cayenne is SPICY! haha While I had my shot, Aaron made us veggie burgers and we had a nice dinner. I pretty much ended my night with a movie. We watched “Christmas Catch” on Netflix. I will always watch any cheesy Holiday movie out there haha. I always find it so entertaining even though they are so predictable!

See ya for day 9!

xx, Janet

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