About Janet



Hello & Welcome to my blog! First, thank you for taking the time to read this section.  I am currently living in Los Angeles, California with my wonderful boyfriend Aaron & my little five-year-old cat Mason. I guess you’ll get to know me if you stick around! I am beyond excited to start this new journey. This blog is something I’ve thought about for quite a long, long time! I will post stuff about my personal life, beauty, fashion & all that fun stuff. I feel, in fact I know, that I am a creative person. For so long I’ve been stuck not knowing what to do with all my creativity. I LOVE & enjoy photography. There have been a million times when I’ve been wanting to go shooting but had zero ideas of what, where or why! So I finally decided to:

  1. Use my photography in a productive way other than just having it sit around on my laptop and Instagram
  2. Write/share my thoughts & ideas with anyone who cares
  3. Make myself more productive
    I hope some of y’all will stick around and join me in this new & exciting adventure!