My Organization Essentials

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Being organized can be challenging for some people, including me. From time to time I find myself slacking off, but these tools help me stay focused. I thought I’d share what has been working for me these last couple of months.

Organization 004

I prefer to go old school & have everything written down on paper rather than having it on my phone. I keep a planner to write down any appointments, birthdays, events, meetings, etc. I also got these cute birthday stickers that I use to put next to people’s names! I just think it makes it a lot more fun.

organization 001

I enjoy going to coffee shops, hanging out there and doing some work, even if that work is writing in my planner and planning things out. So I think having a pencil pouch is an important essential. I do not have to worry about having a pen, pencil, or my Wite-out because I keep everything in my pencil pouch and I can always have it on the go. I love keeping a black pen incase I have something important to sign and of course, I love fun colorful pens (I also carry a cute pen that is from Disneyland). The little pouch I got came with some pencils, eraser, ruler and sharpener that I keep inside incase I ever need it. I love having cute stuff because it motivates me to make use of it and it helps me stay organized.

Organization 002

When it comes to bills and important documents, I feel the need to keep them in case  anything was to go wrong. I have a little file folder that isn’t too bulky and that works great for me. I usually paper clip papers that go together when there is multiple pages.

Organization 005

Having a to do list always makes things easier for me. Even when it comes to going to the grocery store! I love having a notepad that is easy to have on my desk and one where I can tear the page right off whenever I need to go run errands.

Sometimes writing things down can cause making mistakes. I usually use pens and I don’t want to have a bunch of scribbles all over my planner or notepad. This is where having Wite-out comes in handy. I prefer using the “tape” kind rather than the liquid form because it’s much easier not having to worry about the liquid drying out or it getting chunky throughout time .

organization 006

There are also some stickers that say “reminder”, “important” and all that, but all the ones I’ve found only come with one sheet maybe two.  I went to Paper Source hunting for some stickers that have at least 4 sheets, but instead I found this cool rolling stamp that has all the words that the stickers would have. What I love most about this awesome find is that I can ALWAYS change the color of the stamp pad and I can use it for years!

 I hope this has helped you or has given you ideas to keep your life a little more organized and make things easier for you!


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