7 Travel Must Haves

Travel must haves 001

Traveling is always so fun, but I definitely have things I MUST ALWAYS travel with. Of course, we all travel with the necessities, but I use all of these essentials everyday and its necessary to take them with me whenever I travel. One thing I do to make things easier for me, is to always have these mini travel sized guys packed in a little bag ready to go.

Travel must haves 006

When it comes to wearing makeup, it is very important to remove your makeup at the end of the day! I can not go to bed without washing my face. That being said, I of course use makeup remover wipes at home, but I honestly do not like to travel with them. Especially when traveling, I use this wonderful cleansing balm by Clinique. I usually use my fingers or a cotton round to remove my makeup & it makes everything come right off, which is great!

Travel must haves 002

For face wash & moisturizer I use Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser & La la Retro Whipped cream. I know this brand is super expensive, but I just love these products so mucccch! Honestly, I switch my face wash & moisturizer from time to time, but always go back to the same products. So when I am traveling, I specifically buy this duo set by Drunk Elephant. It is only $20, which I personally think is a great deal. I would spend much more money on travel sized face wash & moisturizers before I found out that they sold a duo set.

Travel must haves 003

So a few months ago I discovered Aēsop & I found this specific product that I could NOT live without.  This product is suppose to be a spot treatment for blemish-prone skin, but I use it differently. I usually mix some in with my moisturizer since I do not only get one blemish here & there. I’ve struggled with blemishes all over my face, so I think its much more effective to use it all over my face along with my moisturizer. This product retails at $23, which some of you might think is crazy for such a small tube, but believe me this stuff is great! I’ve tried other spot treatments and this one has showed some great results! What I love about this product is that its non-drying, which won’t make my acne look all dry & gross; plus you can wear it under makeup & you can’t even tell!

Travel must haves 005

A few months ago I  started to use a serum and oh my gosh has it changed my life! Now I can’t see myself not using a serum.  I have been using this brightening serum by Sunday Riley. It has Vitamin C which is something I really need since I have an uneven skin tone. This can be a very expensive serum, but I have gotten samples of other ones and by far this is my favorite!

Travel must haves 004

Lastly is my shampoo & conditioner. I am such a Lush snob lol. I seriously use a lot of their products & one thing is I can not travel without my little shampoo & conditioner. I usually use different shampoo & conditioner, but Fairly Traded Honey is one of my favorites! I love the scent & I love the shine it gives my hair. I also use other conditioners, but again I love Veganese! Seriously, if you haven’t tried any products by Lush, I highly recommend it! Again I know it is pricey, but I honestly love supporting a company that is cruelty free & that has great products!

Hope some of my travel must haves become some of your favorite!

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