My Fall Essentials


Ohh Fall! I am so in love with you. I am so excited for all the fall things I have planned! It is going to be a great season, and I want to make it last. Here are a few things I want to share that are making my autumn days a lot better!


Personally, I enjoy having fall/pumpkin scented everything, from hand soaps to candles. I love candles, but even more so during the fall and winter months. They leave the room smelling nice and make rainy or gloomy days feel cozy. I love shopping around for different brands. DW Home and Bath & Body Works have some fantastic fall scented candles, and I know many other brands also carry great fall scented candles. Mrs. Meyers has some amazing multi-surface cleaning sprays, dish soaps and hand soaps for the fall season. Going for any of these items are great if you want your home to feel like fall without investing in decorations. Bath & Body Works also has many different fall scented hand soaps that I love! I also decided to purchase their fall/Halloween hand sanitizers, so that I can have a piece of those good scented guys with me when I am on the go!


Halloween PJs and socks are a definite MUST! I am not one to be in my PJs all day long, but there are nights where I am home early and am hanging out. What’s better than spending a night in wearing your Halloween PJs? They aren’t super warm, which is great for California since it doesn’t get crazy cold here. They are so much fun, and I love them so, so much! They get me in the mood to take time for myself and relax.



Halloween mugs are so fun to have this time of year! I was on the hunt for a cute mug, but couldn’t choose only one and ended up with a few. I have already seen so many good ones, and I want more, but if I’m being completely honest, I don’t need any more mugs! I have a huge collection of mugs and its become a bit of a problem, so someone, please send help! Haha No, but seriously, they make my mornings and evenings fun, so it’s worth it!  Also, you can’t drink just anything from these mugs. You have to keep it festive. I have been drinking the  Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea and the Fall In Love Vermont Maple Coffee. I am sure many other great teas and coffees are delicious! But I have just been enjoying these guys at the moment!


Bath stuff is my jam! I love Lush all year round. There is nothing like the cold weather that makes you want to enjoy a nice bath. Lush is the place to go! I got a couple of bath bombs, a couple of bubble bars and this amazing shower scrub that has a very minty scent. The scrub color is a “Barney” purple, which is pretty cool color if you ask me!  Also, I don’t think I need to say much about the bubble bars and bath bombs because they are all great and awesome so go buy one!

Fall playlist! I created a Fall playlist that I want to share with you all because it makes car rides, baths and chilling so much more fun!

I hope this inspires you to light a candle, have a nice bath with a great playlist while sipping on some coffee. And don’t forget to throw on some Halloween themed PJs!

x Janet


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