Shopping for a new wardrobe? Here are my current must haves!

These last couple of months I’ve been slowly trying to update my wardrobe. It’s TIME, I’ve needed it, but it’s never fun seeing your total at checkout. I always tend to browse and leave items in my cart for weeks, even months, and never really buy a single thing. Being home for a couple of months, I spent most of my time cleaning out my apartment and organizing every inch & corner. With that, I cleaned out my closet and decided to sell clothes that were in great condition. I wanted to have some extra cash to spare for new clothes and figured if I can sell some items, then why not! Of course, I did not make nearly enough to cover absolutely every item, but every bit helped! Although I’d love to redo my entire wardrobe, it’s impossible to afford it. I created two collages from places where I have quite a long wishlist going on. I purchased some of the items, but there is plenty on here that remain on my wishlist. See the items below I am loving.

* Nordstrom is currently having their anniversary sale. It is opened to everyone and ends on August 30th. The prices marked as “sale” is the current available prices.

Asos is one of my favorite online retailers to shop from. They have their brand, and others such as Nike, Topshop, Free People and the list goes on! Checkout the items from their website that I am dreaming of!

I started collecting some items for Fall since it is right around the corner. I got a few boots and jeans, and many colors are appropriate for Fall!

Thank you for taking a look at my current wardrobe must haves!

A quick little tip I love to use when shopping online is using Rakuten to get cashback. I know people may hate websites like that because it is a few extra steps one takes, but I honestly don’t mind it, especially if it is going to give me money back on items I was going to purchase anyway! Sign up with my link to receive $30 when you spend $30 or more!

Thank you so much for reading and following me on this journey. Take care & stay safe!

xx, Janet

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